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About Us

About Etron

At Etron, we work limitlessly to transform mobility and short-distance travel inside cities, to give everyone a chance at a better and sustainable future. Our goal is to bring you products that suit your needs and matches your style. We aim to alter the personal transportation industry by making E-Cycles which are an exciting, environment-friendly and perfect way to stay strong and happy. With salient features and fabulous designs, we want our E-Cycles to elevate people’s lives.

Vision & Mision

We believe to bring a revolution by changing the everyday lives of people with innovative technology. Our vision is to create change through clean green energy.

Our facilities and features

Etron Team

Jose Caetano De Souza is a world changer, a humanist, and a pacifist, who likes to make himself useful to others. He loves to create a better future for humanity. Souza shares his ideas on we can make this world a better place. He is a man of ideas, and his dream is to be able to make the world a more beautiful place for the sake of all humanity. Souza is a social entrepreneur looking for ways to make the world a better place. He is an aspiring social entrepreneur and has a great life philosophy. E-TRON was created for all of us to make zero environmental pollution with our E-cycles, batteries and kits.

Ranjith is a social entrepreneur who has been working in the energy and environment sphere since 2021. With a background in Mechanical Design and electricals, his work has been on Machine designs, product designs, renewable energy, sustainable consumption and other related areas. As a green energy evangelist, he runs a company that provides quality electric cycles, Battery packs and e-conversion kits and services in Goa.
His favourite quote “Look at your environment, the air you breathe, the water you drink in and see if we have been able to improve them”.